Friday, February 13, 2009

Everything will be alright...

Something cool happened to me and Kaylee the other day.  We had just finished eating fish tacos at Serramonte when we were walking around the mall looking for a Valentine's Day gift for the wifey.  As I was passing the fountain (aka meet me at the pountain dud), something caught my eye.  Sitting on a chair was a small painting with a note attached to it that read: "EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.  THIS PAINTING IS YOURS TO TAKE FOR FREE."  After reading it, I immediately knew what it was:  The Smile Project.

I had read an article about it on the internet a few months back, but never thought I would actually find one... and of all places, in the middle of Serramonte.  Basically, the artist has traveled the world leaving paintings in public places with a similar note attached, asking that people can take the painting home for free if they promise to smile at random people more often.  He's left paintings everywhere from New York to Germany to Shanghai to Peru to everywhere in between.  

Needless to say, I was feeling pretty good that I had found one.  I felt like I just won the lottery: not the mega millions, but more like getting three matches on a scratch n sniff.  As I walked away, I was stopped a few moments later by a reporter from TFC and interviewed for Balitang America.  I even got a chance to meet the artist himself, who was a really cool guy.  Anyways, peep the steez here.

I'm famous now.  Google me bitch.

Alright stop... Collaborate and listen...

  • Come kick it like judo and celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one (or find a loved one to take home) with me here.
  • If you're bitter about everyone else getting their fingers stinky except for you, then make a pit stop here beforehand.
  • But if you do have someone to spend the day with, then click here for some baby making music to get you in the mood.  (CD out soon!)
  • Fuck what you heard.  Jamie and Andy are killin the autotune right now!  (I think Andy's been practicing his patwa)
  • What's really good with baseball right now?  Everyone's snitching about steroids, Roberto Alomar been hitting it raw, and the Mets are in the running for freakiest team in the league.
  • God bless Salma Hakey for making African babies' dreams come true.
  • How in the hell did Chris Brown go from hittin Rhianna to HITTIN Rhianna???
  • And please America, lay off of Michael Phelps.  Michael if you're reading this (yeah right), don't trip son.  You can still be governor one day.

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