Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Frisco we go hard... (pause)

So we hit the snow this past weekend and got some rest, relaxation, and Street Fighter 4 time in at Lake Tahoe.

Kaylee dippin and dodgin...
Shit looked so fun I had to try it myself...
What do you do 3 hours away from home in Tahoe when there's wi-fi?

"How the fuck am I supposed to get a job when I smoke so much weed..."
My cousin Jason told me he got into an accident and rolled his car last week.  So I stopped by the shop where it was at and saw that the big green machine really took a beating.  The roads have been wet lately, so drive safe kiddies.

Alright stop... Collaborate and listen...
  • So after C Beezy put in work on Rihanna's face, it looks like the couple is back together trying to work things out.  On a related note, word on the street is that Chris Brown only fights girls.
  • Speaking of good girls gone bad, anyone peep Aubrey O'Day on the cover of Playboy?  (You can thank me later)  
  • N.O.R.E.'s not necessarily on the run, but he's definitely still eatin.
  • I was watching a show on TV the other day about ghosts and stuff and was shocked at how much the the actress playing the main character looked absolutely nothing like the girl did in reality.  I seriously felt like I was being mislead.
  • I thought I was in the running for father of the year, but this dude has me beat.
  • Fact: Lincoln's favorite sport was wrestling.  (By far, one of the most funniest MD commercials.  Ever.)
  • Anyone keeping up with the Curtis and Officer Ricky beef?  I can't lie, this shit can be kinda amusing but man, sometimes people can take things just a little too far.
  • I don't listen to the radio much anymore, but thank God T-Man is finally off the air (in the Bay at least) and JV is back.  The show has a different vibe from the Dog House days, but it's still good to have someone who is actually from the Bay on the air nonetheless.  I was always wondering what was up with a lot of the religious and psychic talk that went on toward the end of the show's run, but a friend forwarded me a quote from the Wild 94.9 website which really answered a lot of questions for me:
"This is something most people would be afraid to answer…not me…most people know me as honest and real about who I am and what's going on in my life. Here's the story… I've always been interested in religion, God, spirituality, the universe, etc.. My curiosities where never induced by drugs. Up until 2002ish, I never used drugs. Then around that time I tried a heavy drug for the first time. It was cocaine. What started out as a recreational thing turned into a place where I would go to escape. Just like you, I had pressures. I made the mistake of masking my drama and pain with cocaine. Then someone told me about crystal-meth. I tried it, and I got hooked fast. I was using it because thought it helped me deal with life's pressures and I also thought it would help me stay awake and work on my radio show. What happened was - it jacked me up. I was sleep deprived and not thinking rationally due to the drug's chemicals. So, I would go back to work, and what used to be an interest in religion and politics turned into a delusion and obsession. I want people to know, that I still believe in much of what I was saying back then, but to talk about it for hours and days on end, borders mental illness. And that's what happens to meth users. They may have SOME valid, rational points, but they become obsessed with their opinions and in many cases become delusional. I went over the edge a few times, and talked about things that were "out there" to say the least. Thank God, my girlfriend (who is now my wife) got me off of the stuff. Like I said, most people would not share such personal information. But I decided to for two reasons. First, I HONESTLY want people to know that cocaine and meth are no joke. I can't begin to tell you how much of my life it destroyed. The process of getting back on my feet and in my right state of mind was difficult on many layers. If there is ONE piece of advice you ever take from me PLEASE don't even try meth. It will take your frickin' soul and turn you into something crazy. And, believe me, it takes years to realize everything you did and then try to apologize for it. Secondly, I wanted to share this info. because I feel like I owe the truth to the listeners. All those people that were fans that listened to me ramble on about God and politics, deserve to know the whole story. NOW, you will hear me joke around about it…because that's who I am. I've never been afraid to joke about failures or dark eras. Last note: I want to thank Clear Channel from the top down, for understanding that I'm only human. They know I can't change the past, but we I can learn from it and walk away even stronger. I'm so strong now, I'm benching 220 lbs!!"
  • I've been riding all season for Beat Freaks, but after watching ABDC last week, Quest Crew officially has my vote.  But peep what Shane had to say at 5:32: "When you stood on the table and ripped your shirt off and you was buff, at first I was about to laugh.  But you buff though!" Mad A-Yo but it was hilarious. 
  • And if you don't have plans for the weekend, come thru to Azul and get live with Steve1der, King Most, Fran Boogie and me.  I know we're in a recession, so sign up to get in for freezy.

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